Diadromy: Variations and Definitions

Anadromous life history cycle

Few things are more frustrating than trying to learn something new, only to run into ridiculously complicated words.  Not all scientific words can be found easily online or in a dictionary. They may be too new, describe extremely specific situations, have poorly-defined meanings,  or there are disagreements on the proper usage of the word. Diadromy is a term that falls into several of this categories, but I’ll try to explain it in a way that makes sense to me. Continue reading “Diadromy: Variations and Definitions”

Electrofishing for American Shad – May 4, 2018

All morning I stared at the overcast skies dreading each drop of rain that fell on my windows. I’d been trying to get out in the field for a couple of weeks, but something always got in the way – shipping delays for my waders, rain, swift currents. This was the last chance I’d get for weeks. Normally, fish biologists don’t worry about a little rain when they sample fish, but we wouldn’t be using normal sampling methods. Instead of dragging large nets through the rivers we would be electrofishing, a form of sampling where an electric current is applied to the water to stun the fish and make them easy to collect. If rain is falling there is a risk that the current can find a pathway through the water and shock us. Continue reading “Electrofishing for American Shad – May 4, 2018”