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What is Diadromy?

The term ‘diadromy’ is used to describe fish that migrate between rivers and the sea to reproduce. The most well known diadromous species are salmon, sturgeon, eels, and river herring.

Science Communication – Why Should We Care

The purpose of this blog is to bring scientific studies and important discoveries about diadromous species to a format easily accessible to everyone. Science tends to be created by scientists for scientists, which makes it unattainable for many. In recent years there has been a desire for science to be translated into terms that the average person can understand, but many scientists are unable or unwilling to put in the time. Through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs we now have far greater potential to spread knowledge than ever before. But if we don’t take advantage of these resources new discoveries may go unnoticed by those who could benefit the most.

As a child I was an avid fan of the great Jacques Cousteau. As I’ve grown older I’ve become more convinced in his belief in conservation education – “We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.” – Jacques Cousteau. But even more importantly, in a society that gives each person a vote it is essential that we develop beliefs based on fact. Beliefs that we can articulate to our friends, families, and colleagues. For, as Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as saying,  “With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”